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Unavailability of services

Cornell is currently experiencing a serious IT issue, this may affect access to ECCO and SDS. { display: none; }

[ECCO] back up again

The ECCO cluster is now available for users. CAC staff continues to work on compute-0-0 and compute-0-4, and each will be brought online as soon as possible.

Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience. { display: none; }

Some VRDC services down

The following services are affected by this unplanned outage: all services directly on

This does not affect SSG, SDS, or the download server if directly accessed.

We will post again once the services are re-established. { display: none; }

[SSG] System is available to users again

The system had an unscheduled downtime the previous night. System administrators rebooted the system this morning, and it is available to users again. They are looking into the causes. Please report any issues to { display: none; }

[SSG] Unscheduled downtime for SSG head node

As of 7PM, Sunday Sep 9, 2012, we are experiencing a service interruption on the SSG. System administrators have been alerted. Updates will be posted here, and by email. { display: none; }