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Status of /mixedtmp/lehd3 on NSF01

The problematic filesystem (/mixedtmp/lehd3) has been successfully backed up. Until the downtime in October, the filesystem will be made read-only. Please also avoid, to the extent possible, reading from this filesystem.

NSF01 next attempt at storage migration (updated)

After having resolved contractual maintenance issues, the next attempt to migrate the NSF01 storage from the older storage array to the newer (supported) array has been tentatively [...]

SAS Syntax file for Linux editor

Kate is a editor that is installed on most (KDE-based) Linux desktop environments (including our own login nodes at the VirtualRDC). Ian S. has kindly provided us with a syntax-highlighting file for SAS programs. It can be downloaded and installed from, although we might move it to our openSUSE BuildService at a later stage [...]

Success: NSF01 filesystem fully functional again.

As of 2009-07-16, 14:21, /temporary/saswork1 is back online as a 2.9 terabyte filesystem and is available for regular use.

NSF01 maintenance, next attempt

Maintenance of /temporary/saswork1 will continue today. Census IT are still working to fully diagnose the problem. Work will continue this afternoon starting around 1pm.