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Raw data for OnTheMap v5 released by the Census Bureau

The LODES (LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics) raw data has been made available for download by the Census Bureau. Historical versions of the released data continue to be available at the VirtualRDC at { display: none; [...]

Downloads (QWI, OTM) down for maintenance this weekend

If you encounter download issues, please bear with us: we are upgrading the server hosting the download files, and your access might be intermittent or interrupted. Sorry for any inconvenience. { display: none; }

OnTheMap v4 data available directly from U.S. Census

For the past three years, users have been able to download OnTheMap data from the VirtualRDC. In that time, nearly 400 users have downloaded the data as each new release came out. Now, for the first time, the data are available for download directly from the U.S. Census Bureau at . { display: [...]

OnTheMap v4 data available - now without login requirements

The OnTheMap v4 data are now available for download. Furthermore, after nearly three years of tracking usage, we have lifted the registration requirement. In that time, nearly 400 users registered for download, and many have downloaded each new release as it came out. { display: none; [...]

Availability of OnTheMap raw data files for version 4

The Census Bureau's online application "OnTheMap" was updated to version 4.0 on December 14, 2009 (see announcement). The data underlying the online application is generally updated about 6 weeks after the release of the online application. We expect to receive the data at the end of January 2010, and will release it shortly thereafter. { [...]