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[SSG] Stata has been upgraded to version 12 on all SSG nodes

We have upgraded Stata to the newer version on all nodes. New features are listed at [...]

SIPP Synthetic Data documentation added

We have updated the links on the SSB page to the Census Bureau's data documentation, and cached local copies on this web site. See

VRDC3201 decommissioned, all data files migrated to new SDS

The old VRDC3201 (SSB server) has been decommissioned. Any user files have been migrated to the successor node SDS. If you have not yet had your account migrated, please request a new account on SDS by following guidelines at the SDS page.

SIPP Synthetic Beta v5.0 available on SDS

The newest version of the SIPP Synthetic Beta is accessible on the new Synthetic Data Server at the VirtualRDC. Additional information, including how to request access to the data, is available at [...]

Funding for Synthetic Data server has been awarded

The funding for the new synthetic data server has been awarded. The server will not only replace the existing SIPP Synthetic Beta (SSB) server and host the forthcoming SSB v5.0, but will also host a new version of the Synthetic LBD. We are excited about this opportunity to continue our collaboration with the U.S. Census [...]