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New Survey of Business Owners Public Use Microdata Sample: 2007

The Census Bureau has released a new Survey of Business Owners (SBO) Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) for 2007. The data file is available on the SSG for users with compute accounts. The data structure for the confidential microdata, which can be accessed exclusively in the Census RDC, is replicated on the SSG in the [...]

Zero-obs for Ownership Change Database (OCD) available on SSG

Zero-obs files for the Ownership Change Database (OCD) are now available on VirtualRDC's SSG compute nodes. { display: none; [...]

Moving the zero-obs data directory structure

We have consolidated the zero-obs (Census-RDC-emulating) directory structure under /data. You will now find all zero-obs datasets under /data/virtualrdc/{economic,demographic,decennial,mixed}. { display: none; }

[SSG] Texas Census Research Data Center workshop on "Identifying Variables in Confidential Data Files"

The Texas Census Research Data Center will be conducting a workshop focussing on how working with zero-obs datasets, and how to use them efficiently to prepare proposals. The full announcement can be found on their website. { display: none; }

Zero-obs for Census of Services and for the Census of Retail Trade

We have received zero-obs datasets for the US Census Bureau's Census of Services (CSR) and the Census of Retail Trade (CRT). { display: none; }