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The Economics Compute Cluster (ECCO) has migrated to the BioHPC environment, and accounts are not handled on this website anymore. See the BioHPC User Guide.

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Upcoming new QWI tabulations: race, ethnicity, and education

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We have received several queries as to the availability of additional demographic characteristics on QWI. The Census Bureau has communicated to us that with the R2011Q3 release, new tabulations (by race and ethnicity, and by education and age) will be released as a beta (preliminary) release. Details should be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks. Information as to the structure of the data is available on the VirtualRDC at As soon as the Census Bureau releases the data, users will be able to download the data from the VirtualRDC as well.We also note that due to the increased (triple!) size of the downloadable data, we will be reducing the availability of the online back archive of previous QWI releases. We note that every QWI release does contain the full time series - each new release is a revision of all time periods also present in previous releases -  so this does not impede normal statistical use of the data. Up to 1 year (four releases) of prior releases will continue to be made available, and users of the Social Science Gateway have access to the full archive.