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Update 3 on today's unscheduled downtime

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SVN access to has been re- established for all users. HOWEVER, the move to a new server means that the Cornell perimeter (EDGE) controls are not yet adjusted, and DNS changes are still percolating through the system. In general, as of 23:00, users on the SSG can access the repository again, and other users on the Ithaca campus presumably as well. By the end of tomorrow, most off-campus users should also be able to access the repositories again.  Please let us know if you encounter any issues at Web-browsable access to the repositories is not re-established, and might take a couple of days.

2 comments to Update 3 on today's unscheduled downtime

  • Lars Vilhuber

    As of 7AM on May 30, 2013, some ON-campus users are also reporting issues. These are clearly related to DNS problems. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done until any local DNS caches get refreshed (which should be once a day).

  • Lars Vilhuber

    As of 23:00 May 30, OFF-campus users of the HTTPS repository are still being blocked by Cornell EDGE. Sorry for the inconvenience.