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Update on today's unscheduled downtime

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The server hosting the following services:


crashed hard. We are recovering the data from backup, and hope to have services re-enabled by tomorrow. IMPORTANT: For users of, all commits after 2:12 AM May 29 2013 are lost. 

In order to safely recover that information, you should do the following for all projects that you worked on between 2AM and 10AM  (notation is Linux, equivalent Windows/OS X should be obvious), after the repository becomes available again:

  1. Move your existing copy out of the way, or use a different location to check out a second copy (for instance, "mv programs programs.bak" at the root of your working copy. Don't touch this anymore: you might want to make the entire directory read-only ("chmod -R -w programs.bak")
  2. Check out a fresh working copy "svn co programs" (you should now have two copies: the fresh checkout in programs/ and the previous checkout with the more-up-to-date information in programs.bak/)
  3. Compare the two directories to identify any changes (you might already know this) (e.g., "diff -rq programs programs.bak | grep -v .svn").
  4. Copy any new and changed files into the newer structure ("cp programs.bak/ programs/")
  5. Your newer version should now be caught up, and SVN status command should show changed/uncommitted files ("svn status working")
  6. Commit those changes. No data has been lost, and all newer files are back in the repository.