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NSF-Census-IRS Workshop on Synthetic Data and Confidentiality Protection 2009

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A workshop that brought together university-based researchers, members of the international official statistical community, and other interested user communities was held on July 31, 2009, the Friday before the 2009 Joint Statistical Meetings in Washington DC at the U.S. Census Bureau's Headquarters building in Suitland, MD. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss and critique newly created public-use micro-data files that are based on the concepts of “synthetic data” and “partially synthetic data.”


July 31, 2009, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


The workshop was held at the Census Bureau’s Headquarters in Suitland, MD.


Registration is free both for regular participants and presenters. Registration is being handled by the U.S. Census Bureau. To register, please visit

Structure and Program

The workshop was comprised of three sessions. The details are on the program page.

Submitting a presentation

Submissions are now closed.


For any questions, please contact the VirtualRDC at

Organizing committee (DC)

  • Ron Jarmin (U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Arnold Reznek (U.S. Census Bureau)

Program committee

  • John Abowd (Cornell University)
  • Karen Masken (IRS)
  • Jerry Reiter (Duke University)
  • Lars Vilhuber (Cornell University)


Funding for the conference and its preparation were provided by National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant SES-0922494, the U.S. Census Bureau's Center for Economic Studies,  the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Edmund Ezra Day Professorship at Cornell University.